It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

‘Tis the season, and the elves here at Blue Ridge Floral have been busy! We have been decorating many a Christmas tree up on the mountain at Wintergreen Resort, and down in Whoville at Martha Jefferson Hospital, and Farmington Country Club. I have lost count of the number of trees we’ve decorated, and the incredible numbers of lights strung and ornaments hung, not to mention the number of times Amy has said “just make it look natural!”

We’ve done fruit themed trees, birchbark trees, the twelve days of Christmas tree, and even tennis rackets in the tree at the Wintergreen Pro Shop, but my favorite is the woodland tree. We have quite the collection of berry garlands, snowy pine cone ornaments, and lots of little friends to tuck in and around the tree. These beautiful woodland trees are in the Mountain Inn at Wintergreen, and the lobby at Martha Jefferson.

Christmas Tree Wintergreen Pro Shop

Christmas Tree Wintergreen Pro Shop

Another favorite of mine is the ornament garland. This can be tricky and time consuming but it looks amazing when it’s finished. You use individual ornaments and make a kind of garland to wrap around the tree for a spiral effect. I spent the better part of a day decorating this gold garland tree (and a second one just like it) in the outpatient lobby at Martha Jefferson.



Another favorite is a musical tree, decked with festive ribbon, and musical instruments. We thought this would be fitting for the main tree in the Martha Jefferson Hospital lobby, which sits right near a baby grand piano. We even had musical accompaniment while we decorated, courtesy of a lovely older gentleman who sat and played Christmas carols. Very festive! Here is a slice of the tree, and a fun shot of Amy decorating a fruit laden tree at Wintergreen’s Copper Mine Restaurant.


This past weekend we had the pleasure of decorating the Farmington Country Club for their annual Christmas party. Brian spent lots of time on ladders hanging these gorgeous new lit snowflakes, while the floral team tackled the stunning candelabra arrangements made of orchids, hydrangea, and greenery. For the centerpieces, we used lots of fresh, foraged evergreens, beautiful amaryllis, and gold pine cone accents. Quite a day of set-up, and I hope, quite a night of celebrating. Whatever it is you are celebrating this season, I hope it’s merry and bright and full of delicious smelling evergreens!



Farmington Snowflakes

Meet Our Secret Weapon: Brian!

Meet Our Secret Weapon: Brian!

Ever look at pictures of our work and wonder how we got that full-sized tree into the Veritas ballroom, or that forty foot magnolia swag up in the Mount Ida Barn, or the lit saplings on the ceiling of the Wintergreen Mountain Inn? The answer is simple. It’s Brian. Not only does he manage the garden, making sure our tulips, dahlias, and peonies are as happy as they can be, but he is also the mastermind behind many of our more challenging (and impressive) installations!

If you have ever seen (or been married under) an arbor or chuppah decorated by Blue Ridge Floral, the odds are good that it was built and/or installed by Brian. The same goes for the aforementioned trees that transform a ballroom into a woodsy wonderland, or gorgeous chandeliers draped in garland and dangling lanterns, or our tall, branching centerpieces adorned with orchids and globe lanterns. Brian does it all. His years of experience as a builder means that he has the tools and the knowledge to realize whatever wild ideas Amy has envisioned. Here are some of my favorite examples of the wonders Brian works!

Brian-Blue Ridge Floral Design

Full-sized tree at Veritas