Meet Our Secret Weapon: Brian!

Meet Our Secret Weapon: Brian!

Ever look at pictures of our work and wonder how we got that full-sized tree into the Veritas ballroom, or that forty foot magnolia swag up in the Mount Ida Barn, or the lit saplings on the ceiling of the Wintergreen Mountain Inn? The answer is simple. It’s Brian. Not only does he manage the garden, making sure our tulips, dahlias, and peonies are as happy as they can be, but he is also the mastermind behind many of our more challenging (and impressive) installations!

If you have ever seen (or been married under) an arbor or chuppah decorated by Blue Ridge Floral, the odds are good that it was built and/or installed by Brian. The same goes for the aforementioned trees that transform a ballroom into a woodsy wonderland, or gorgeous chandeliers draped in garland and dangling lanterns, or our tall, branching centerpieces adorned with orchids and globe lanterns. Brian does it all. His years of experience as a builder means that he has the tools and the knowledge to realize whatever wild ideas Amy has envisioned. Here are some of my favorite examples of the wonders Brian works!

Brian-Blue Ridge Floral Design

Full-sized tree at Veritas





Behind the Scenes: Chloe & Elliott’s Stunning Reception!

Behind the Scenes: Chloe & Elliott’s Stunning Reception!

I am thoroughly exhausted after a big wedding weekend but I have to share a few pictures from Chloe & Elliott’s stunning wedding reception at Veritas Winery. We get to work on lots of beautiful weddings with Chloe at Veritas, but this one was special. This time she was on the other side of the clipboard, and we were so thrilled to be part of the big day!

And we went all out. Amy hauled in van loads of bright fall foliage and glossy magnolia, and we made roughly 100 feet of magnolia garland to wrap the chandeliers and adorn the farm tables! Brian spent hours perched on a ladder hanging magnolia garland and glass lanterns from the chandeliers while folks chatted and sipped in the tasting room. The result was incredible. (My photos hardly do them justice and I can’t wait to see how the professionals capture them!)


Then we made the mother of all table swags for the three long farm tables. We started with the magnolia garland, and wove in pepper berries, seeded eucalyptus, nandina, astilbe, and lots of gorgeous foraged fall leaves. We tucked lush arrangements of antique roses, astilbe, scabiosa, lisianthus, pepper berries, and foliage into the greenery along with Chloe’s tall red tapers for the full effect.

Chloe-Elliot-Wedding-Table Chloe-Elliott-Wedding-Table2

We even got to decorate the wedding cake lovingly made in the English tradition by the mother of the groom. It was a real pleasure to work on such a gorgeous and well planned event (such good taste, those two), and to help celebrate these lovely people. Cheers to Chloe & Elliott!

Chloe-Elliott-Cake2 Chloe-Elliott-Wedding-Cake

It’s Like Rain on Your Wedding Day…

It’s Like Rain on Your Wedding Day…

Nobody hopes for rain on their wedding day, but it happens. And it has happened to our wonderful brides and grooms for two weekends in a row! I feel their pain. I woke up on the morning of my wedding to the sound of my now-husband singing me this Alanis Morrisette classic. But although rain on your wedding day is not, in fact, ironic (despite the name and chorus of the song), it can feel like a big dark cloud of stress looming over your plans. My husband and I had no rain plan, so for us rain was the stuff of our nightmares…until the moment came, and it started to drizzle, and it suddenly wasn’t that big of a deal. A real deluge at that moment and I might have cried, but a little rain wasn’t stopping us. After all that worrying, the beautiful grey light and colorful umbrellas made for really sweet pictures, happy flowers, and a great story!

Most of the wedding ceremonies we decorate, with the exception of some truly gorgeous church weddings, are outside surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of this area. We have the privilege of working at some of the most stunning ceremony sites around, many of them surrounded by mountains, farms, and vineyards. Below are two of our favorite ceremony sites at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards and Veritas Vineyard & Winery.

Amy-Working-At-Pippin-Hilldownload (6)






But, should the weather head south for the big day, many of the venues we work with also have beautiful indoor spaces, or a big ole tent to accommodate wedding guests in a downpour. When we have to go with plan b, we can’t match the beauty of the mountains and grapevines, but we can work extra hard to beautify the indoor ceremony and give it a little extra something.

Occasionally a rainy day couple will get a break in the weather just long enough to chance it. This lucky couple got to sneak in their vows in between cloudbursts last week at Trump Winery. If the weather is up in the air, this often means that we wait until the very last moment for the couple to make the call and then set up in a whirlwind before the ceremony begins. A little added drama for the florists, caterers, and musicians!

Ceremony site at Trump WineryCeremony Flowers on wine barrel

Thanks to a steady downpour this past weekend, we decorated a beautiful indoor wedding at Keswick Hall. We hung two swags on the couple’s beautiful chuppah, each with garden roses, stock, and lisianthus radiating out from a huge cafe au lait dahlia. The bride’s bouquet also featured cafe au laits, with lush garden roses, fresia, and lisianthus.

Swag with dahlias, roses, stock, lisianthusChuppah at Keswick HallBridal bouquet featuring cafe au lait dahlias

Rain or shine, setting up for a wedding is always a big, beautiful, exciting blur. Besides, rain on your wedding day is good luck, or maybe that’s just what everyone told me!